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In Changi, Singapore, rumors has it that a secret nightclub was found in a disbanded airport. The nightclub was preserved some members of the airport staff or high paying travellers that knew how to party. This sacred place was known as ”The House of Happiness”.


A perfect party has no age, color or sex. Show up, act nice, dress fresh and we promise you will have a fantastic night with a bunch of different souls. We offer an exclusive membership. Apply here.

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Table reservation


Tired of club prepartys? Get a Fun Box and bring the preparty to your own place, all free of charge of course. The box includes 2 bottles of vodka, 6 Booster "Black Edition", red cups and armwrists for Rumors so we can link up later!

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Special Events

We make things happen at RUMORS - if you want to be the head of a special event, dinner, video shoot, launch party, business showcase or host your birthday, please contact us here. The sky´s the limit.



Nørregade 1, 1165 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Opening hours
: Friday & Saturday
: 11pm – 05am


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